About The Brand

The Jay Marquis Brand was started by Jhalen Wells to create a movement of bringing awareness to mental health by establishing royalty mindsets into those who become a part of the brand. As a survivor of suicide attempt from traumatic experiences as a child, including sexual abuse, Wells has always been dreaming to create a world where he could escape and cope in a healthy way. That’s what this brand brings to share with the world. This brand exists to share a source of imagination, confidence, and love through fashion while being aware of our mental state. Mental health can be anywhere from a great condition to a failing state.​ That’s what this brand stands behind. Mental Health Awareness is such an important factor in every single living soul on this Earth. Wells, himself, suffered from and still goes through ups and downs with his mental health. He believes sharing his story and expressing himself with the world through this brand can be of help and an inspiration to so many others. At a young age, Wells suffered with his mental health dealing with deaths of very close family and friends around him, rejection, bullying, sexual abuse, and even a lack of self-love. This led to suicide attempt, depression, and anxiety. Wells knows he is not the only one who has gone through situations like these. Therefore, he wants to share his story and passion with the world through the Jay Marquis brand while supporting mental health awareness donating 12% of every product sold to a nonprofit organization raising mental health awareness .